Free transportation for children and adults is available in some areas of Milford and Harrington for Sunday School and the Morning service. The bus ministry has been called one of the greatest evangelistic tools in the history of the church. Hundreds of people have come to church, heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ preached, and had their lives changed forever. We, at First Baptist Church, have seen the powerful, life-changing impact of this ministry on countless boys, girls, teens, and adults.

Since the early years of the FBC Bus Ministry, our routes have run up and down the streets of our community every Sunday. We have seen souls saved and families helped. If you live in our area, we would be delighted to bring you to church on one of our busses or vans, The bus ministry is still working and as always, safety is a forefront concern. Feel confident you and your children will be safely transported to and from church services.

Call the church office (302)422-9795 for information about getting a ride to church.

Lenny Massotti leads the Bus Ministry Team.