We at First Baptist Church take the command from Mark 16:15 to "Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature." with the utmost importance. Through our Faith Promise program, we have the privilege of supporting missionaries that plant churches and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world.


Argentina Ben and Rachelle Metzger
Australia Jonathan and Natalie Perry
Belgium Joe and Mary Mohler
Belgium Debbie Taylor
Belgium Larry and Jean Taylor
Brazil Joel and Cynthia Dickens
Chile David and Hanzi Thompson
Columbia Ali Alexander
Columbia Jonathan and Anna Saliba
Costa Rica Mark and Leyda Perdue
Costa Rica Jonathan and Sarah Robertson
Creative Access Nation Phil and Jessica Coolbaugh
Creative Access Nation Z. S. J.
Creative Access Nation David and Bonnie Jones
Creative Access Nation Brian and Brenda Kim
Creative Access Nation Winston and Ruth Kumar
Creative Access Nation Tim and Jackie Long
Creative Access Nation  David and Bouliami Mallipudi
Creative Access Nation  Lu and Lek May
Croatia Kevin and Kristina Brown
Czech Republic Tate and Nicole Kennedy
Dominican Republic Joshua and Teah Lane
Ecuador Chris and Lois Tignor
England Joshua and Ashley Bell
England Tarl and Adrienne Reeves
England Justin and Rachel Rhodes
England Eric and Lisa Simpson
England Michael and Cristy Wyatt
Estonia Joseph and Darci Flory
Estonia Keith and Lisa Sampson
Ethiopia Jeremy and Karissa Lynn
France Jonathan and Priscilla Laase
France Jean-Louis and Diane Van Meris
Generations, Int. James and Sharon Smith
Ghana Fredrick and Antoinette Kearney
Greece George and Louisa Dimakos
Guatemala Karen Kolb
Haiti Kevin and Emelie Falde
Honduras Kristen Dow
Hong Kong Grant and Rebecca Skelton
Hungary Dan and Patty Peters
India John and Lenora Pisarcik
Indonesia Tom and Janice Crawford
Ireland Brian Berry
Italy Jon and Becky Liles
Jamaica John and Tammy Cooley
Japan Tim and Jenelle McCown
Japan Robert and Sandy Piatt
Japan Chris and Miranda Shirrell
Japan Nick and Lorena Zarrella
Kenya Jim and Sybil Eberhard
Kenya Ole and Renee Konnerup
Kenya Lisa Moore
Kenya Doug and Donna Stamper
Madagascar Phil and Vala Long
Malaysia Steven and Bonnie Burke
Mexico James and Lori Bradley
Mexico David and Crystal Houghton
Mexico Leonard and Susie Smith
Mexico Don and Delores Swearingin
Mexico Heather Swearingin
Middle East Nathan and Alicia L
Netherlands Corey and Kaylee O’Grady
New Zealand Thomas and Lisa Reesor
New Zealand Erwin and Amy Santoso
New Zealand Ben and Raeline Walker
Nicaragua Max and Jennifer Kennedy
Nicaragua Luz Palavicini
Nicaragua Jaron and Nicki Rogers
Pacific Islands  
Ian and Amanda Richards
Panama Stan and Jackie Sherwood
Panama Zack and Maria Viola
Papua New Guinea Richard and Joyce Crotts
Papua New Guinea Luther and Martha Smith
Paraguay James and Carolyn Leatherwood
Peru Oliver and Gloria Williams
Philippines  Brenda Hayes 
Philippines Delbert and Lora Lee Hooge
Philippines Brandon and Rachel Ivy
Philippines  Mike and Lenore Mislan
Philippines   Pam Quinlan
Philippines  Doug and Helen Worley
Portugal  Scott and Norma Edwards
Portugal Lionel and Carol Martin
Portugal Beau and Valerie Moore
Romania Sever Gonciulea
Scotland Javier and Tiffany Hidalgo
Scotland Matt and Erica Moeller
Scotland Rich Moeller
Scotland Rick and Cheri Moeller
Sierra Leone Shaun and Christin Evans
Sierra Leone Mike and Diane Peper
South Africa Brent and Sheila Moeller
South Africa Blake and Megan Hunter
South Korea Sam and Megan Beard
South Korea Mike and Jill Ivey
Spain Josh and Brenda Lei Casey
Spain  T.J. and Kimberly Gritts
Spain Adolfo and April Ruesga
Spain Lavon and Carolyn Waters
STEP Don and Cathy Mingo
Tanzania Joanne Foltz
Tanzania Jerry and Rachel Wyatt
Thailand Adam and Ayla Cottrell
Thailand Shane and Kayti Salmon
Thailand Justin and Becka Trill
Thailand Jon and Camille Wuthnow
Uganda Nolan and Janay LeTourneau
Ukraine Ron and Nancy Minton
Uruguay Esteban and Emily Alvarez
Vanuatu Steven and Lynn Spore
Wales David and Mary Campbell
Wales Richie and Missy Orrick
Zambia Dan and Meshelle Bowles
Zambia Wade and Donna Rasmussen
Zambia  Charles and Maria Rouch
Zambia  Jim and Barbie Waters
USA – Baltimore (Church Planting) Pedro Morales
USA – Baltimore Rescue Mission Chuck and Jana Buettner
USA – Beacon of Truth Dan and Dee Hummel
USA – Abound Missionary Service Lewis and Karen McClendon
USA – Navajo Indians Scott and Carrie Merritt
USA – Ahavath Ministries Al and Michelle Reichman
USA – Church Planting Charles Shoemaker
USA – Wycliff Bible Translators Darren and Rebecca Strother
USA – Boston, Mass. Boston Baptist College