Adams, Brandon & Rachel

Brandon and Rachel Adams were recognized as TEAM Missionaries to the field of Kenya in May 2013. Brandon and Rachel have two children: Charlie and Amelia.

Benson, Richard & Cindy

You've seen the ads... they present themselves as the "Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." They offer free King James Bibles, and hope that using the name of Jesus and offering Bibles will make them look Christian. But the Book of Mormon and other books they follow up with contain some of the most shocking and turn-off teachings imaginable.

Biven, Rick & Susie

Rick and Susie Biven were approved as Baptist Bible Fellowship missionaries to Mexico in May 1980. Rick and Susie are both 1980 graduates of the missions course of Baptist Bible College, Springfield, Missouri. They have since each earned a Masters degree from Louisiana Baptist University, Shreveport, Louisiana, and both have recently received honorary Doctorate of Divinity degrees from Crown Theological Seminary.