School Staff

Dr. David P. Perdue

Upon graduation from Baptist Bible College of Springfield, MO, Pastor Perdue went directly to join the ministry of Bethlehem Baptist Church of Fairfax, VA. During his 30 years there, he was involved in nearly every aspect of ministry. He served (at various times) as Associate Pastor, Music Minister, Youth Director, Christian School Administrator, Business Manager, Sunday School Director, Visitation Director, Church Administrator, “Jolly 6o’s” Director and adult Bible teacher. His broad range of experience well equips him for the varied ministries of First Baptist Church. He accepted the pastorate of First Baptist Church in March of 1999.

Rev. Ronald Longhofer

Principal/Choir Director
Mr. Longhofer served for thirty-four years as an Associate Pastor, involved in many aspects of ministry prior to becoming the Associate Pastor here. His work included over thirty years in Christian Education, serving over twenty years as a Principal. His experience and attention to detail make it possible for him to serve well in the dual roles of Principal and Associate Pastor.

Mrs. Jeanette Padilla

As a graduate of Milford Christian School, Mrs. Padilla has been “connected” to this ministry for many years. Her educational background and Missionary work have prepared her well to serve in this key position.

Mrs. Nancy Rockwell

Mrs. Rockwell brings years of experience to the office along with her delightful attitude. Because she is officially "retired", she normally works only part time in the office.

Mrs. Amy Gould

Cafeteria Coordinator – Girls’ Coach
Mrs. Gould is a graduate of MCS with a background in Health Care and Business. Her love for Kitchen work began as a child helping her parents in the Food Business. She also serves as a coach for Girls’ Sports Teams.

Mr. Max Gould

Cafeteria/Elementary Assistant
Mr. Gould’s many years serving in schools and business give him the experience, love, and desire to provide help wherever it is needed.

Miss Chloe Johnson

Teachers' Aide
As a graduate of MCS, her love for students is well known. Her schedule is limited as she also attends college.

Mrs. Terrie Walton

K3 Teacher
After twenty years of providing Day Care, Mrs. Walton transitioned into teaching these young children. She loves the children and the opportunity to help start their education process.

Mrs. Robyn Johnson

4K Teacher
With training in Medical Care and service as a Teachers’ Aide, Mrs. Johnson cares greatly for young children. She continues to love and teach the four-year-old students.

Mrs. Maria Natal

K5 Teacher
After teaching her four children through high school, Mrs. Natal settled into her favorite age-level teaching kindergarten students. Her background enables her to add in some Spanish as time allows.

Mrs. Jeanette Smith

1st Grade
Mrs. Smith has come out of retirement as her health has improved. Her experience includes nearly forty years of teaching elementary students. Her love for students and joy in teaching is evident inside and outside of the classroom. Her educational background also equips her in giving extra help when needed.

Mrs. Kathryn Washinski

2nd Grade Teacher
A multi-talented lady, Mrs. Washinski continues to bring innovation to her classroom, even after sixteen years of teaching at Milford Christian School. She loves teaching second-grade students.

Mrs. Mary Gould

3rd Grade Teacher
After fifteen years teaching in Christian Schools, Mrs. Gould has taught at Milford Christian since 2017. She is known for her love for her students and compassion as a teacher.

Mrs. Susan Glock

4th Grade Teacher
As a former student at Milford Christian School, Mrs. Glock brings her great reputation back “home” as a teacher. Mrs. Glock was an honor student and represented MCS well, winning awards at both the State and National levels. Her academic and work experience has helped her develop her love for teaching.

Mr. Matthew Gould

5th Grade Teacher
Mr. Gould brings a blended background from the military and business into the classroom. His teaching experience actually began with adult education, but he prefers to work with the young minds of children. As a father of three, he also has a parent’s perspective.

Mr. Robert Beebe

6th Grade Teacher
Growing up locally, Mr. Beebe returned to Delaware after finishing college and has taught various grade levels in Christian schools for over forty years. His love for students and teaching is evident every day. He is well-loved and highly respected.

Mrs. Joan Johnson

High School Teacher
As a 1978 graduate of Baptist Bible College, Mrs. Johnson became involved in church ministries immediately. Serving as church secretary, Sunday School teacher, and Pastor’s wife, she added “homeschooling” to her activities. Her love for children and education led her into Christian Education. She has served at Milford Christian School for over twenty-five years in various roles, as a Teacher, Vice Principal, and Principal. All four of her children are graduates of MCS. She says, “I am as excited about Christian Education today as I was when I started teaching at MCS twenty five years ago.”

Mrs. Beverly Longhofer

High School Teacher
Mrs. Longhofer brings over thirty years of teaching experience into the academic classrooms for Junior and Senior High school students. Her musical abilities are a great help to the school music and drama programs.

Michele Dohner

High School Teacher
Coming from a Pastor’s home, a Christian School, and a Christian College background, Mrs. Dohner also brings years of experience working with students. Her love for students and love for learning are evident in her kind and gracious ways in the classroom.

Mr. Joe Gould

Secondary Bible Teacher – Boys’ Coach
As the Youth Director in First Baptist Church, Mr. Gould is well qualified to teach Secondary Bible Classes. He also coaches Boys’ Sports Teams.

Mr. Eric Heishman

Jr & Sr High School Teacher
With a vast amount of experience in the Business and Financial world, Mr. Heishman is able to bring practical lessons about life and personal finances to Junior and Senior High School Students.

Mr. Ed Walton

Van Driver
Mr. Walton drives the van that picks up students, brings them to school, and delivers them home. His pleasant attitude adds to his value to the Staff.